Child Support- San Antonio Child Support Attorney

Texas law allocates child support based on a person’s net resources.  The person paying child support, the “obligor”, is required to pay the primary parent a percentage of their net resources on a monthly basis.  Net resources means all income earned by the obligor after taxes, union dues, and health insurance premiums are deducted. Net resources includes bonus income, rental income, trust and gift income, and of course regular salary and wages.

When the obligor only has children in one relationship, child support will be based off these percentages:
20% for one child
25% for two children
30% for two children
35% for two children
40% for five children

The above percentages only apply to a parent who has children in one household. If you have children in more than one household, the percentages will change based on Texas Family code 154.128.

If a parent earns more than $8,500 a month, their child support obligation will be “capped out”, meaning that their child support will be based off the first $7,500 that they earn each month.  The Court may award more child support than the $8,500.00 if there are additional proven needs of the child.
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