Texas Divorce- San Antonio Divorce Attorney

Divorce is the legal proceedings to terminate a marriage, thereby cancelling all the legal duties and responsibility of marriage between a couple.  Divorce can be emotionally straining and sometimes legally complex, especially when children are involved or there are significant assets to divide.

No Fault Divorce

Texas is a “no fault” divorce state. That means that you do not have to prove that one party cause the breakup the marriage or have to prove any grounds such as adultery or domestic violence for the divorce to be granted.  However, if you wish, you can still allege grounds in your Texas divorce.  If you do allege grounds for divorce against your spouse, and you are able to prove those grounds in court, you could be awarded a disproportionate share of the marital estate. For example, instead of receiving ½ of everything, you could be awarded 55% or more of all assets that are being divided in the divorce.

Cooling Off Period: 60 days

Your divorce cannot happen overnight.  In Texas, the state law requires that the divorcing parties wait days between the date of filing the divorce suit and the date that the divorce can be finalized.  This waiting period can be waived if a party has been convicted of family violence or there is a protective order in place.