High-Asset Divorce

Texas is a community property states.  That means that the presumption by the court is that the estate should be divided equally (as determined by the court or jury) in a just and equitable manner. In Texas, the presumption is that ½ of everything earned or bought during the marriage belongs to each spouse. There are some exceptions such as inheritance or some property that may be the separate property of a spouse, and Rebecca J. Carrillo can help you evaluate your estate and what is subject to the community property laws.

As a San Antonio divorce lawyer, Rebecca J. Carrillo is devoted to providing a high level of attention to individual cases whose community estate ranges in the millions dollars.  San Antonio divorce attorney, Rebecca J. Carrillo, is dedicated to providing quality legal representation to her clients while also working with financial experts to help value the community estate.  Our clients range from business owners, doctors, attorneys, professionals.  Rebecca J. Carrillo works efficiently to maximize her client’s retention of the marital estate.

If you have a high net worth divorce case, it is important to make sure that your estate is valued appropriately.  To accomplish this, we work with accountants, CPAs, and financial experts to value the complex property.

Our office works closely with clients and experts to divide all types of property including executive pension plans, stock portfolios, real estate properties, and intellectual properties. If you have a high asset divorce case, please call us today for a initial consultation at 210-468-1581.