If you are a survivor of family violence, or you are worried that your soon-to-be ex will harass you, hurt you, or stalk you once you file for divorce, it is very important that you talk to a San Antonio attorney regarding obtaining a restraining order or a protective order. When you file for divorce, you can also ask the judge to enter a restraining order or a protective order.  Many Texas counties have standard restraining orders that take effect at the moment that you file for divorce. A protective order does not take effect with the filing for divorce and you have to apply for that separately. Protective orders can be very important to obtain because they can forbid a spouse from coming within a certain distance of you or your home and can prohibit them from communicating with you directly.

If you have a concern about family violence, please call the Law Office of Rebecca J. Carrillo and we will talk about your options and your rights. As an experienced San Antonio divorce attorney, Rebecca J. Carrillo understands how difficult these situations can be and is ready to help you.